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How to Start

Getting started on your flying adventure is easy. Contact us, schedule your discovery flight today. We understand pilots, and what it takes to be a pilot, like no one else.

Rest assured. We'll walk you through the program step-by-step, from your discovery flight to your license. At our school you'll know exactly what your spending and why.

Start you adventure - here's a sample of what awaits you:

  • A safe. friendly, comfortable, dynamic atmosphere in which to learn.
  • A knowledgeable flight instructor to mentor you and accommodate your requirements. 
  • A Computer-Based Instruction program that makes becoming a pilot easier than ever.   Call us at 901-521-1068 or 662-895-9752.

Discovery Flights are a great way to try on your wings.  You will fly with one of our experienced  Certified Flight Instructors.  Once you are safely airborne, the instructor will allow you to take the controls and fly the airplane yourself. You will experience, first hand, what it will be like learning to fly. This 30 minute experience costs only $99.


Please contact us at the flight school for further assistance.